Subject: Re: 2940 & netbsd-current
To: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/30/1996 08:55:04
>Uh, I hate to sound like a repetitive commercial.  But, Adaptec isn't
>the only company that makes SCSI controllers that work with *BSD.  I
>don't make any commission off preaching BusLogic, but people seem to
>continue following Adaptec like little lemmings, in spite of the
>problems with the controllers under *BSD.  Adaptec controllers are
>proprietary.  As new versions come out that are sufficiently
>different, they will continue to have to be reverse engineered, and
>drivers updated.  I don't know why everyone is so eager to support
>Adaptec, still, when they really couldn't care less about the free
>unix market.

This is _not_ true.  I called them and got the programming docs _for
free_ from them.  I think you are misinformed or living in the past.

>The only reasons I push BusLogic as the best alternative is: 1) they
>are the only one with drivers as mature as the Adaptec drivers in *BSD
>(actually, much more mature than the Adaptec 2xxx) drivers; 2) they
>are the only company with cards that work on all busses, with the same
>driver; 3) and they are the only company that makes cards that are as
>powerful as the Adaptec cards (the NCR 53c8xx cards are close, but
>don't quite have the high-end processing muscle, from my experience).

Point 1 is not completely true.

Point 2 is not true.  The only differnce 'tween 2[789]42 is in the
bus-specific code.

Point 3 might be true, I'm not certain.  There is the WD7000 out
there, but I don't know a thing about it.

>I would be happy to quote a second and third alternative to Adaptec,
>if there were a good one to quote.  Unfortunately, I don't know of any

There is one other...  can't remember the name...  but it's from a
bunch of engineers from Adaptec who ran off and started their own
company.  The cards are supposed to be adaptec clones, with a lower

>You don't *have* *to* buy Adaptec cards and use the buggy driver.
>There *are* other controllers that are just as good.  I've been
>incredibly satisfied with both of my BusLogic (EISA and PCI)

As you have said _many_ times.  However...

I already _have_ an adaptec, I'm quite happy with it, and the bugs can
be fixed.  I see no reason to rip on Adaptec (and my choices) as you
have done so many times.  A lemming?  Really...


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