Subject: Re: Build error in gnu sources
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: der Mouse <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/30/1996 09:37:26
> [...] error in src/gnu/lib/libg++:

> /usr/users/trevin/Projects/sys/gnu/lib/libg++/libg++/src/../../libstdc++/std/new.h:25: declaration of `__nw' as array of functions
> /usr/users/trevin/Projects/sys/gnu/lib/libg++/libg++/src/../../libstdc++/std/new.h:25: `__nw' redeclared as different kind of symbol
> /usr/users/trevin/Projects/sys/gnu/lib/libg++/libg++/src/../../libstdc++/std/new.h:24: previous declaration of `void * operator new (unsigned int)'

I've just run into essentially this same problem.  The source tree in
question was supped March 27th, around 08:30 Eastern.

Weird thing is, I get this on NetBSD/sun3 but not NetBSD/sparc.
Normally, I'd just take this as another case where I have to build and
install thing A before I can build thing B, but the sun3/sparc
difference makes it look somehow machine-dependent, and that makes no
sense at all to me.  (But it is why the cc: to port-{sun3,sparc}.)

Any ideas?  Trevin, did you ever find a solution?

					der Mouse