Subject: Re: 2940 & netbsd-current
To: Amir Y. Rosenblatt <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/29/1996 10:55:17
>> Uh, are there more than one Adaptec 2940's out there?  (Other than the 2940W
>> Fast/Wide appelation, that is)

>There's the 2940UW and I think there's one that specifically does 
>differential SCSI as well.  I have a 2940W.  I'm installing a machine 
>tommorow -- either NetBSD or FreeBSD.  I'm making install tapes and 
>floppies for both -- not sure yet which I'll use (I've been leaning 
>towards Free becasue of these issues with the 2940 drivers, but if they 
>work fine then I'll prolly do Net.).  Regardless of which one I choose, 
>I'll attempt a NetBSD install and upgrade to -current just to see how it 
>works and will post my results.

Uh, I hate to sound like a repetitive commercial.  But, Adaptec isn't
the only company that makes SCSI controllers that work with *BSD.  I
don't make any commission off preaching BusLogic, but people seem to
continue following Adaptec like little lemmings, in spite of the
problems with the controllers under *BSD.  Adaptec controllers are
proprietary.  As new versions come out that are sufficiently
different, they will continue to have to be reverse engineered, and
drivers updated.  I don't know why everyone is so eager to support
Adaptec, still, when they really couldn't care less about the free
unix market.

There are two good alternatives: NCR 53c8xx cards, and BusLogic cards.
The NCR cards are excellent bang for the buck.  But, there are some
subtle bugs in that driver too.  Consult for
more info on BusLogic (one warning: the FlashPoint LT is a different
beast, and there currently is no driver for it, so don't buy that).

The only reasons I push BusLogic as the best alternative is: 1) they
are the only one with drivers as mature as the Adaptec drivers in *BSD
(actually, much more mature than the Adaptec 2xxx) drivers; 2) they
are the only company with cards that work on all busses, with the same
driver; 3) and they are the only company that makes cards that are as
powerful as the Adaptec cards (the NCR 53c8xx cards are close, but
don't quite have the high-end processing muscle, from my experience).
I would be happy to quote a second and third alternative to Adaptec,
if there were a good one to quote.  Unfortunately, I don't know of any

You don't *have* *to* buy Adaptec cards and use the buggy driver.
There *are* other controllers that are just as good.  I've been
incredibly satisfied with both of my BusLogic (EISA and PCI)

End commercial.  I hate harping on this repeatedly, but it seems every
time I do, there are a whole new group of people who didn't know that
there was anything you could use besides Adaptec.

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