Subject: Re: Advice wanted from Sun users please (fwd)
To: David Gilbert <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/28/1996 19:25:43
>>> Sun3/60 are indeed slow.  But they work nicely as X display
>>> servers.  And they handling clock chipping quite nicely! :-) I just
>>> up graded mine from 20 MHz to 25 Mhz.  Now I need to find a 30 MHz
>>> clock and try that...  :) Sorry, but I just had to share.  Clock
>>> chipping out machines is pretty neat.

>Michael> I once completely ruined a 286 motherboard attempting this.
>Michael> I hope you're not unsoldering parts. :-)

>	There is a reason that he may succeed where you failed.  The
>motorola chip have much, much higher tolerances for this type of

Actually, it wasn't the chips that got ruined, but the board.  Once
the original solder was out of its well, I never could get a
connection again to all the layers in a couple of the holes.

>hackery.  If you're lucky and have a big heatsink, you can find
>motorola chips that can be overclocked 50% or more.  With intel chips,
>I've rarely heard of clock increases of more that 10-15% being

Which means their original specifications on the Motorola chips are
terribly inefficient?  :-)

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