Subject: Re: First time SUP
To: Bruce Albrecht <>
From: llucius <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/27/1996 13:01:51
On Tue, 26 Mar 1996, Bruce Albrecht wrote:

> I'd like to set up my machine to SUP NetBSD-current, but I've never
> done it before.  I can ftp the NetBSD-current tarballs from work over
> a T-1 line, tar them to a tape, and load it on my machine at home, but
> I only have a 28.8K modem connection for it.  How would I go about
> setting up the SUP so that I don't re-SUP all the files that I've
> grabbed via the tarballs?  Thanks.

This was a concern for me too since I've recently started supping 
myself.  I have a 288 to and it does just fine.

When you install the tarballs the dates will be restored also, so when 
you do your first sup, SUP will compare the dates in the repository to 
your existing source tree.  It will then only pull the changes since the 
tarballs were created.  

It's actually quite cool.  SUP is definitely the way to go

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