Subject: Re: void main
To: None <,>
From: Patrick Arnoux <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/27/1996 18:53:16
> Some of us actually *do* know C, and ANSI C (and even 6 and 7th
> edition C) and once upon a time, didn't always assume "void *" was
> portable.  That leaves at least  me with the view that standards
> are a useful thing to have.  But - IMHO - when people start jumping
> up and down and saying "BIND is buggy, BIND is buggy", simply because
> it's not in strict conformance with ANSI C, even though BIND is one
> of the most portable and relied-upon pieces of software supporting
> the Internet and  the Web -- then the standard has fallen into the
> hands of people who have far, far too much to learn about what makes
> robust, maintainable, correct, reliable, portable C code.
> This should be the last thing I say about this issue.
Yeah, but I had to see it again .... :^)
Sheer poetry mate, sheer poetry.

Patrick Arnoux