Subject: Re: groff upgrade, anyone?
To: None <>
From: J.T. Conklin <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/26/1996 11:38:37
> > succeeding due to the new default of "-Werror".  I also note that I have
> > year old CD-ROMs that have 1.09 on them (1.09 is at least 2 years old),
> > and that 1.10 has been out since last November.  Does anyone know if
> > 1.10 fixes the -Werror compile problems?  Does anyone have plans to
> > upgrade NetBSD's groff to 1.10?
> Well, until recently we had an old libg++; now that this has been
> upgraded we should finally be able to upgrade groff if we want to...

It doesn't seem to be well known that groff does not use libg++.  I'd
like to make this clear, as I've seen many too many postings relating
one to the other in some fasion.

The reason groff has been neglected, was that the changes between 1.08
and 1.09 were rather minor, and that 1.10 is "relatively" new.  When
groff is updated, it should be done in a fashion similar to gcc and 
libg++ with a script to generate a NetBSD release from a FSF release.
This will make it easier to integrate if there ever is a groff 1.11.