Subject: Re: /etc/daily and /scratch
To: Darren Reed <>
From: David Gilbert <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/25/1996 22:46:15
>>>>> "Darren" == Darren Reed <> writes:

Darren> I notice (from the CVS mail) that something for etc/daily has
Darren> been changed, but I haven't looked locally, yet, to see what
Darren> the change was.  Thanks if this has already been delt with.

Darren> An issue here, is, I believe, how much checking should I have
Darren> to do to make sure _my_ setup is safe from NetBSD if I make
Darren> NetBSD part of my network ?  Why should it be any more than
Darren> linux/freebsd ?

	I think that a the NetBSD user is expected to be a little more
savvy... that is a policy that will take us awhile to escape.  People
don't choose NetBSD randomly... they generally choose it with an eye
to a certain purpose.  Currently, I'm running Sun4, Sun3, Amiga and
i386 NetBSD machines at home.  One OS over several available platforms
reduces admin overhead --- and I planned it that way.

	That said, I have seen several installations that had /scratch
and wiped it regularly... including my current work environment.
Unlike you, I have looked though the NetBSD scripts, and knew that
/scratch is wiped in daily.

	IMHO, the problem is that the default system setup puts daily
weekely and monthly crontabs online.  IMHO (again), root-run crontabs
should be a user-installed thing.  They should have 'edit this file to
do what you want/need and install at your own peril' --- they should
possibly even have a comment at the top detailing what the unedited
file will do.

	Yes... logfiles will grow slowly.  Users will learn that
quickly enough.  Others (like me) will go looing for reasonable daily
scripts to install right off.  As a compromise, I would put forth that
the default 'daily' should only trim logfiles that *will* be generated
by the default installation of the system.

	This last bit is a policy that seems common on many new UN*X
systems.  IRIX is one of them.


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