Subject: Re: /etc/daily and /scratch
To: None <>
From: matthew green <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/25/1996 16:36:09
   Darren Reed writes:
   > I'd be a little less outraged if /scratch had of been mounted locally, BUT
   > it wasn't.
   > Anyway, I think this debate is likely to get down to personal choice and
   > preferences if it goes on as above for much longer.
   I don't understand the problem. Now that you know about the behavior,
   you can either edit your copy of /etc/daily or not mount things on
   /scratch. Whats the big deal?

the "big deal" is that netbsd deleted something it shouldn't have.

what about the other people who this happens to ?  i've been using
netbsd for over 2 years now and i wasn't aware of it -- i'd have
been extremely pissed off if i didn't realise that netbsd was
going to delete things in /scratch and i used it.

it would be excusable (but still _wrong_, to me) if it was documented
in heir(7) -- but it isn't.

personally, i think we should:
	1. change it to _only_ work for local file systems.
	2. document the behavriour in hier(7).
	3. somehow, let people know (more than hier(7)).

(3) is less important, but, i think the other 2 are non-negotiable.