Subject: Re: /etc/daily and /scratch
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/24/1996 23:07:20
> I don't understand the problem. Now that you know about the behavior,
> you can either edit your copy of /etc/daily or not mount things on
> /scratch. Whats the big deal?

It will never happen to him again, but it will happen to someone else.
The purpose of this discussion (as I see it, sitting on the border) is
to determine what's correct or even reasonable behavior.

I maintain that if I get a fresh system, create a new directory called
/scratch and fill it with stuff, it should not be pruned "for me" by
the system.  That's just plain rude.  I see no use in having that
functionality in /etc/daily.  If you want to not have to add it
manually, make it a question during installation and have it conditional
on some configuration option in /etc/something or some such.


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