Subject: Re: Adaptec 7870, netbsd-current (3/17/96)
To: Mika Nystrom <>
From: Noriyuki Soda <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/23/1996 20:17:17
>>>>> On Fri, 22 Mar 1996 21:05:03 +0000,
	Mika Nystrom <> said:

> but the vendorid suggests that it is an Intel card of some kind. 
> Nothing else.

> The next step is the eisa probing. The system finds:

> ADP7870 at eisa0 slot 15 not configured

Strange, according to ahc driver's source code (I don't have spec.),
AIC7870 should be probed as PCI device, not EISA device. 
Does someone know why ?

# There is new ahc driver which is port of current FreeBSD's code
# (by Pete Bentley), but it doesn't seem to cope with this case. 
# It treats aic7870 as only PCI device.

> I tried all "simple" hacks I could think of.. adding the 7870 to
> eisadevs, deleting the eisa bus from the kernel entirely (no other
> eisa things.. this just makes it not recognize anything).

Another hack you can do is
	1. add following statement to sys/dev/isa/aha284x.c:ahe_probe()
		if (sig_id[2] == 0x78 && sig_id[3] == 0x70)
			ahc->type = AHC_AIC7870;
	2. add "ahe" driver for your config file as
		ahe0	at isa? port 0xfc00 irq ?
		scsibus* at ahe?
	  (port 0xfc00 means slot 15 of eisa device)
	3. config && make && reboot
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