Subject: NetBSD marketplace list?
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/23/1996 01:41:54
Has anyone thought about creating a "marketplace" mailing list, either
at NetBSD.ORG or elsewhere, for wanted/forsale messages? Since NetBSD
users, especially i386 port users, have atypical hardware needs compared
to the net at large, it seems enough of a distinction to me to warrant a
separate forum vs.* groups.  It should also be a mailing
list rather than a newsgroup, else it will just be crossposed to with
every other m.f.c.* group, making it worthless. 

Other advantages to a NetBSD specific forum: sellers will (obviously)
know more about NetBSD compatability, and also it should be somewhat
safer that regular net purchases on average, since NetBSD users are
superior human beings and would be less likely to rip each other off :-)

I find myself wanting to buy or sell within the community sometimes
(like now: I'd like to buy a used ISA scsi controller, like a 1542CF or
BusLogic or UltraStor...  something better than the totally losing
Future Domain card I'm struggling with now.  Or maybe trade a NIB,
still-shrinkwrapped 3C590 PCI ethernet card for one).  I'd prefer to try
to buy from a NetBSD person first, for reasons cited above, rather than
taking my chances with some random m.f.c.* poster.  But how to reach
NetBSD users about it? Posting outright off-topic messages to existing
NetBSD lists would be bad form, unless the request is sneakily hidden in
a nominally on-topic message, like I'm doing now ;-)

So, what do people think about this idea? And does anyone want to sell
or trade a decent used ISA SCSI controller? ;-)

(Please send replies on the latter privately. Thanks.)