Subject: Re: sup with '-z'
To: Phil Knaack <>
From: Julian Bean <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/19/1996 23:45:27
At 11:28 am 19/3/96, Phil Knaack wrote:
>Actually, it would seem to me that a "magic bit sequence" could occur
>in most any data stream, be it compressed or not. But for any given piece
>of data, the probabilities of it existing in the raw data versus the
>probabilities of it existing in the compressed version should be almost
>completely disjoint. That is to say, if it exists in either, it is very
>likely that it doesn't exist in both.
>What I'm trying to say is that perhaps for a given amount of sup data,
>one may work and the other may not. If the one you try first fails, try
>it the other way.

Agreed.  Myself, I got the problem with compressed data.  I was going to
try it with uncompressed, but then I found a SUP server topologically (and
physically) nearer me, so I avoided the offending router.

Incidentally, it seemed to me that the -Z option to override compress and
turn off compressiong doesn't work.  Maybe I'm hallucinating...


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