Subject: Re: Compiles fail...
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/15/1996 17:43:24
>Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 07:55:02 -0600
>From: Jon Buller <>
>Peter Seebach <> writes:
>> I can't build anything; calloc.c (in gnu/lib/libmalloc) fails because
>> bzero is undeclared, lib/libc/gen/getlogin fails because _getlogin
>> is undeclared...
>> In fact, cc chokes on *ANYTHING* with an undeclared function.  Is this
>> normal?
>I just had this problem as well.  I thought it was me, since I was
>hacking on pc532 GCC machine description at the time.  I had sources
>after the switch to using the yacc files instead of the .c files,
>but I hadn't done a full build of GCC.  I then did a make clean on
>GCC and got hosed.  I had to pull the GCC binaries from the NetBSD-1.1
>distribution, did a make clean, and rebuilt GCC.  The problem went
>away right then and there.  And the change I made to
>started working much better!  Which was real weird, since I was
>seeing the new code generation show up in some cases, but not
>others.  Now it shows up all the time.  I think there are some
>extra dependencies in the GCC Makefile causing this (in addition
>to the lines that use the MD file, but don't list it) but I don't
>know where they are, or why.

If you use "make depend", then you may have been hosed by out-of-date
.depend files.  "make clean" does not remove .depend files; only "make
cleandir" does that.
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