Subject: Re: BIND
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/15/1996 21:17:41
> 3) If there is a nameserver directive in resolv.conf,
> then when nslookup is invoked, it says "Default server:
> localhost\nAddress:".  If there is no such directive,
> or no resolv.conf file at all, it says "Default server:
> elsie\nAddress".  Which is preferred behaviour?

Hm, just a word of caution.  With some versions ofo the resolver
code on some versions of some OSes (sorry I can't be more
specific, but this is fairly widespread), using "nameserver" as the first "nameserver" line in your resolv.conf
will have detrimental effects.  You may beleive that you have
access to more than one name server while you don't.  The problem
is that the source address gets bound to, which gets
used as the source address for queries going out over the wire to
the second name server listed in resolv.conf when the local name
server is down or unresponsive.  Beleive me, this is not what you

My recommendation would be that if you have no semi-permanent IP
address on your box (e.g. an ethernet interface), use
as a last resort only.  If you otherwise *have* an interface with
a semi-permanent IP address, use that IP address instead of


- H=E5vard