Subject: Re: BIND
To: None <>
From: Kenneth Stailey <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/13/1996 21:38:27
Ken Nakata writes
> In NetBSD, you can specify the [resolver] lookup order by the following line
> in /etc/resolv.conf:
> lookup file bind yp
> i.e. file (/etc/hosts) first, bind (BIND) next.

Have the sendmail developers been informed about this?  Seems that
sendmail uses /etc/service.switch to do the same thing unless the OS
already has a mechanism, but only Solaris 2, Ultrix and OSF/1 are
implimented through the OS in sendmail 8.7.5.

Or is all of this going to be superseded by nsswitch?

Or what?