Subject: Re: paging questions
To: Mike Long <>
From: Shyeah right. What am I gonna do with a gun rack? <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/13/1996 16:32:15
Could someone add this to the NetBSD operations FAQ (if indeed such
a document exists)?  This would be very handy; unfortunately I (and
others, I'm sure) tend to gloss over things, or read and then throw
away important things, remembering them just long enough for a boss
to walk into one's cube and jar the details from our heads.

Mike Long sez:
 * You can use vnd devices (See vnd(4), vnconfig(8)) to swap to files.
 * Make sure lines like the following are in your kernel config:
 * config		netbsd	root on sd0 swap on sd0 and vnd0
 * pseudo-device	vnd	4
 * Then something like this should work:
 * dd if=/dev/zero of=$SWAPFILE bs=1k count=$SWAPSIZE
 * vnconfig -c /dev/vnd0b $SWAPFILE
 * swapon /dev/vnd0b
 * I don't use NFS, but you may want to read diskless(8).

I use NFS but I don't inhale.


"Your chief has even inscribed his name on the sole of my boot."