Subject: Re: pica port - when SGI ???
To: Peter Galbavy <>
From: Scott Telford <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/13/1996 17:11:15
> Unless I am as ignorant as many believe, I understand the r4400 is
> one of the CPU types that SGI boxes use. This gives us some level
> of CPU support for the SGI machines in the future. Is anyone even
> considering NetBSD/sgi or whatever ?

An SGI Iris 4D-series port may be fairly straightforward (basically
there's one kind of SCSI host adaptor, the WD33C93, and one kind of
Ethernet chip, which I've forgotten, at least on the low-to-mid range
systems) except for frame buffer support: if you had an SGI workstation
I guess you would want to use the frame buffer (8-) but there are
zillions of different ones (GT, GTX, VTX, XL, XS, XZ, Elan, Extreme...)
on the various models and I doubt any of them are publically documented
at a sufficiently low level.

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