Subject: Re: NFSv3 deletion problem
To: Aaron Brown <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/12/1996 08:57:54
Quoting Aaron Brown,

> Similar symptoms occur when you delete an open file, then subsequently close
> it: the temp. file doesn't go away. This is easily reproduced:

> 	% cd /usr/tmp
> 	% mkdir test
> 	% cd test
> 	% ls -l > test
> 	% vi test
> 	(^Z)
> 	% rm test
> 	% ls -a
> 	.               ..              .nfsA027b4.4	
> 	% fg
> 	(:q!)
> 	% ls -a
> 	.               ..              .nfsA027b4.4

> I suspect the two problems are related somehow, and perhaps even by mmap
> (doesn't vi mmap the file?).

> I can not remove these .nfs files from the client, only from the server 
> (which is kind of hard to do on the Network Appliance Box...)

> I've glanced through nfs_vnops.c a bit without finding anything obviously
> messed up.

> Has anyone else seen this/know a fix? If not, could some kind soul try
> to reproduce it and send-pr it for me so it has a chance of getting fixed?

I'm working on it.. There were 3 main problems with the NFSv3 code left;
one was NULs showing up in files (this has been fixed), the other two
are directory read problems and this one. Unfortunately, I had less time
than expected to work on this, and have been thinking about a clean fix
for the 2nd problem for a bit too long. Still, I should get around to
looking at this particular problem RSN (really!).

Mind you, I certainly wouldn't mind if someone else had a look and filed
a send-pr :-)

- Frank