Subject: Re: Routed, anyone?
To: Sean Berry (most of the time) <>
From: Julian Bean <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/11/1996 22:10:44
At 8:27 am 11/3/96, Sean Berry (most of the time) wrote:
>>You don;t want to run routed, trust me.
>>If you *really* want to run routed, then you probably want to run gated, so
>>don't blame us if routed is broken.
>Assume two or more machines on a local ethernet, which dial into the 'net
>via one of two modems.
>Would gated or routed be appropriate to this task?  :)
>(Yes, I know it's a gross hack, but it seems quite common lately in a town
>where all the geeks split apartments and one or two machines may be up at
>any given time.)


Get your ISP (or whoever you're dialing) to automatically add a route to
the second machine when they see the first dial in.  Or to all others when
any dials in.  Both tasks are possible with Radius.  Or with a simple
script if the other end is a straight unix system.

This is essentially what I asked originally.  And case 1 above applies ;-)


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