Subject: Re: [i386] ISA serial driver ('com') changed; watch out...
To: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/10/1996 15:44:03
You said:
> I said:
> >I just committed a big set of diffs to the ISA 'com' serial driver and
> >the various multi-port board drivers, to update them to use the
> >interfaces provided by <machine/bus.h>.
> [...]
> >	(2) serial ports attached to an 'ast' multiport device.
> Was similar massaging applied to the boca driver?  Will the boca
> driver need to be addressed?

To quote the next paragraph from the mail i sent out:

>I expect that all non-multiport-attached 'com' ports will work w/o
>problem, but there may be one or two problems with serial ports behind
>'boca' and 'rtfps' multiport boards.  I didn't have the hardware to
>test them, but the changes to their drivers are almost identical to
>the changes to the 'ast' driver, and the diffs to them look 'right'
>compared to the diffs to the ast driver.

The diffs have been made to the boca and rtfps drivers, and i expect
them to work fine, but would not be extremely surprised if they
didn't, hence i asked people who actually have the hardware to make
sure they still go.