Subject: Re: Mail Delivery Status
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Collatz.McRCIM.McGill.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 03/09/1996 07:33:21
>>  ***** Error in Mail Delivery *****
>>  Recipients:

> This has been sent to me for a while now, each time I sent anything
> to a mailing list (port-mac68k and current-users, so far).  [...]

> Is anyone getting this, too?  If so, it seems to me that some user(s)
> at LMIG.COM managed to register to the lists with a bogus mail
> address.

Yes, I've been getting it.  The problem is that LMIG.COM doesn't know
what they're doing.

They're sending completely useless bounce letters, not quoting any
portion of the failed message (at _least_ quote the Message-Id:, folks,
preferably the Received: headers too, ideally all the headers).  When I
sent mail to the weird address their bounces appear to come from, it
was bounced by  I sent mail to and postmaster and MAILER-DAEMON; bounced(!).  I then sent
another letter to and galloj@LMIG.COM (the
latter being the NIC-registered contact for about that - and bounced, with the "local configuration error - hostname
not recognized as local" error that means whoever wrote the
file got it wrong.

_I_ think just doesn't have the expertise to deserve a net
connection.  Mistakes I can forgive, perhaps, but they've made too many
mistakes and are being too slow to react.  (I sent all these letters on
Thursday, and it's still happening and I haven't heard a thing from
them.  Two never-supposed-to-fail addresses bouncing, no response to
mail to postmaster....)

> I'd greatly appreciate if this user is deleted from the recepient
> list,

I'm very tempted to "which" and then unsubscribe the relevant
addresses, but I believe too strongly that it's not for me to
unsubscribe someone else from the lists.  If this keeps up, though, I
may "which" and send the result to majordomo-owner describing
the trouble and requesting removal of the offending address(es).

					der Mouse