Subject: Re: Routed, anyone?
To: Neil J. McRae <>
From: Julian Bean <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/08/1996 15:31:04
>On Thu, 07 Mar 1996 10:05:17 +0000
> Julian Bean <> wrote:
>> > different routes. Just put the routes in and leave them.
>> Perhaps I misunderstand.  But surely if I don't run routed, then I'm not adve
>> the routes.  And I want to advertise the routes, because I don't want to have
> to get
>> the root password of my ISP's router, telnet in, and add a static route there
>When you login to your ISP they should add the routeing for you. Asking
>you to run RIP to announce your presance is instane. What routers are
>they using? I've yet to hear of a router that can't add a route via
>radius at login time.

Hey don't be too rude about my ISP.  They know how to set up radius ;-)
It's machines hanging of my machine they don't know about (unless there is
a version of radius *I* don't know about which allows you to specify other
reachable hosts in a user entry.  Not such a stupid idea, now I think of

>> >
>> > Yes, don't run it use static routes.
>> Don't think this solves my problem....  But if you can tell me how it does...
>What you want is to have routeing when you login correct? Fine. In that
>case if no one else is using the IP addresses that you are using then nothing
>changes, no updates are needed. The only change that might be needed to be
>made is if you login to a different POP, in which case radius can deal
>with this for you. Asumming your ISP has a decent redius server.

OK.  SO leave a static route lying around on my ISP's router is what you're
saying, right?  You do realise I talking about two machines off one dial-up

>> > Exterior Gateway Protocol, more evil.
>> You've really got a thing about dynamic routing, haven't you?  I thought dyna
>> routing was one of the really clever things about the internet.
>It is then it needs to be. Routeing updates is what is killing the internet
>at this time, Cisco's can't handle theses sort of updates in any
>great quantity. NetBSD however can ;-) Demon, who I recently quit because
>they are hiring idiots as managers, developed a cool little piece of code
>called burp which handles even the fact that you might change pops. All
>of this was made possible with NetBSD.

I thought I used to see your name in connection with demon.  Technically,
I'm a subscriber, although I don;t use them.

>> Confused,
>Hope you are less so now :-)

Only a bit ;-)


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