Subject: Re: Routed, anyone?
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: Julian Bean <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/08/1996 15:30:34
>>Perhaps I misunderstand.  But surely if I don't run routed, then I'm not
>>advertising the routes.  And I want to advertise the routes, because I don't
>>want to have to get the root password of my ISP's router, telnet in, and add
>>a static route there.
>Well, _since_ your ISP accepts routing information from their customers,
>they have opened themselves up to a large number of security holes.  Using
>this knowledge, you should be able to easily obtain the root PW on your
>ISP's router and add the static route yourself :-)
>>You've really got a thing about dynamic routing, haven't you?  I thought
>>dynamic routing was one of the really clever things about the internet.
>Dyanmic routing is cool, when it works.  routed is the spawn of satan.
>But seriously, since you're using an IP address assigned by your ISP (right?)
>then why don't you just ask them to add a static route on their router
>for you?  Or if they offer it, you could just ask for a two or three-bit
>subnet so you can use any of those addresses that you want.  I have a
>three-bit subnet to home (ok, I also happen to be in control of the box
>that controls dialup-IP access, so it's easy for me to do this :-) ).


I'll come clean.

I work freelance for my ISP, so I can do anything I like to their router.
It's just that the dynamic solution 'felt right'.  It meant, for one thing,
I don't have to specify which machine I use to dial in from.


P.S. We don't accept RIP info from normal customers ;-)

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