Subject: Re: Routed, anyone?
To: der Mouse <mouse@Collatz.McRCIM.McGill.EDU>
From: Neil J. McRae <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/08/1996 00:00:54
On Thu, 7 Mar 1996 10:35:11 -0500 
 der Mouse <> wrote:

> Probably to advertise the local net to the ISP, so it knows how to
> route to it.

Eww! Why does this need to happen, what difference does it make ?
At login time the login program should bring up the routes so that
the routes adverised to the rest of the world actually become reachable.

> > There is no need here to use the routed.  Unless your advertising
> > like 40 different routes.  Just put the routes in and leave them.
> How?  The ISP's gateway box is one place you'd need to add static
> routes to obey your advice.

No, you could add them on the dialup pop, then you wouldn't need to
waste CPU and bandwidth on RIP shit.

> Mind you, having it listen to routing info is dubious in any case; the
> next dialup user could also start advertising routes to your machines,
> and the router won't know which to believe.


> If you think it can be done with static routes, please explain how.
> Don't forget to explain how the ISP's router box discovers where to
> send packets for boxes behind the dialup machine.

User dials in
Athentication happens.
Athentication servers talk to core routers and the pop adding _network_ 
routes to the POP for the dialup router.
User gets routes....

Whats so hard about that? We've been doing that since 1992. With NetBSD.

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