Subject: Re: Routed, anyone?
To: Neil J. McRae <>
From: Julian Bean <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/07/1996 10:05:17
Neil J. McRae wrote:
> On Wed, 6 Mar 1996 22:51:52 +0000
>  Julian Bean <> wrote:
> > I am trying to use routed to broadcast routing information from my subnet
> > (of two machines) to my ISP.
> >
> > In principle, it works.  I log on to my ISP.  I am =
> >  Fine.  My machine knows that it can also reach
> > = via its other interface.
> >
> > I set routed running.
> ARG! routed is the son of satan. Why are you using anything but static routes?
> There is no need here to use the routed. Unless your  advertising like 40
> different routes. Just put the routes in and leave them.

Perhaps I misunderstand.  But surely if I don't run routed, then I'm not advertising
the routes.  And I want to advertise the routes, because I don't want to have to get
the root password of my ISP's router, telnet in, and add a static route there.
> >
> > My machine, in 30 seconds or so, broadcasts this route to my ISP's router.
> > So now my ISP's router knows that is reachable vi
> >
> >
> Oh god this is sick.

I have a sick mind ;-)

> > tnt is simply sending all packets via elsie, which has IP-forwarding on.
> > So I have a mac fully on the net via my BSD box.  Cool. Everything works
> > (Netscape, Eudora, etc.)
> >
> > But, after three minutes, routed gets bored and decides to delete its route
> > to tnt via ppp1, because it has not heard anything about that route.  Then
> > shortly after, the ISP's router deletes its route, and *bang* my powermac
> > is off the net again.
> >
> > I can add the route again simply by typing "route add tnt tnt", but it will
> > go again in three minutes.
> >
> > Anyone know how to tell routed not to delete a particular route, every time?
> Yes, don't run it use static routes.

Don't think this solves my problem....  But if you can tell me how it does....

> >
> > BTW, what's EGP?
> >
> Exterior Gateway Protocol, more evil.

You've really got a thing about dynamic routing, haven't you?  I thought dynamic
routing was one of the really clever things about the internet.