Subject: Re: Tcl7.5 and NetBSD-current
To: matthew green <>
From: Tom Pavel <PAVEL@SLAC.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 03/01/1996 11:18:12
>>>>> On Fri, 1 Mar 1996, matthew green <> writes:

>    Well, actually, we seem to use ANSI C; we don't use any GNU
>    extensions other than long long that I know of.  Nor should we;
>    other compilers may be better or freer, later, and gratuitous
>    dependancies are evil.

> actually, quite a bit of our source tree depends on extensions
> that gcc provides.  ktrace uses one.  a lot of the 'asm' parts
> of the kernel and userland are another.

And let's not forget the ANSI prototypes but K&R declarations, which
works with GCC, but would probably break on any other ANSI C compiler
(if we actually do pass any shorts or floats).

Tom Pavel

Stanford Linear Accelerator Center