Subject: Re: Do you use xntpd?
To: Thor Lancelot Simon <tls@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Stefan Monnier <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/01/1996 09:53:15
> Do you use xntpd on your NetBSD machines?


> All of them?  Most or many of them?


> On a very large network where it would be a significant 'win' if you didn't
> have to roll xntpd into each new 'standard' distribution that you run on all of
> your machines?

The network is not "very large" and doesn't have a "lage number" of NetBSD
machines, but installing on one machine is not much less work than installing
on 50 machines. And since the rest of the machines uses xntpd, it makes
sense to use xntpd on NetBSD too.

> Would you find it useful is xntpd were included in NetBSD even if the version
> sometimes lagged slightly behind the version distributed separately?

Yes, definitely useful.

> Do you consider NTP timekeeping a piece of 'core' OS functionality like BIND,
> which could be unbundled but oughtn't be?

Yes. Of course, you'll argue that "timed" is part of NetBSD and I actually
started by using timed, but this forced me to have a timed server (whose clock
was driven by xntpd). This doesn't make much sense here since we have NTP
packets broadcast all over the network anyway.

On another hand I don't know much about the differences between timed and xntpd.
It just so happens that all our machines use xntpd and the whole network is
configured to make it easy to use xntpd.