Subject: Re: Did lunch - and was told ISA != 16+ meg
To: Marc Rassbach <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/02/1996 17:34:37
Marc Rassbach writes:
> I took outone of the Introl people for lunch today
> (as from and was told that the only way to
> enjoy more than 16 meg of RAM in a NetBSD box was 
> to use ONLY ISA cards.

I've run 20MB i386 boxen.
I didn't have an AHA-1542 (or any other ISA busmastering DMA card for
that matter)

> The obv. gotja is with my BusLogic SCSI card.
> (an ISA dma card)  

> But will generic VGA/3com 509/generic serial cards
> which are ISA be problematic with over 16 meg of 
> RAM?

No problem. Standard VGA, ethernet (SMC 16bit cards), serial cards,
IDE, non-busmastering cards, etc all work with >16MB of RAM.

And there's no problem with EISA/VLB/PCI cards with >16MB either...

There is a 64MB or 128MB limit on the i386, but I think that that's
only due to the way that memory is probed from the BIOS...

Luke Mewburn <>
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 action while hiding that's the hard part."
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