Subject: my notes from USENIX NetBSD BoF
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: John Kohl <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/30/1996 14:33:33
PK ran through a prepared set of slides about NetBSD, and fielded questions.

q: how much effort put into the project (man hours/years) ?
a: pk can't estimate, but "substantial"

q: 64-bit i/o support?
a: for a long time

q: sun4m?
a: can't do sun4m yet, but sun4 & sun4c are working. see the WiP session
on sun4m port progress/etc.  (alpha testing now!)

current platforms (from slides): alpha (TC & PCI), amiga, atari, hp300
except 425/433, m68kvme, macintosh/68k, pc532, iAPX86, sparc, vax, pmax,

emulation list: add ULTRIX, HP/UX to the list

release plans: 2 per year minimum.

q: powermac?
a: some communication to someone working on it, ...?

q: do you need other software to bootstrap the NetBSD port?
a: some machines do, some other do not.  (i386 does not)

q: plans for public CVS tree access?
a: no definite plans (legal reasons for some of the contents which need
   to be removed from public view before that could happen)

q(?): 12 machines in a MAN.  have used both bsdi & freebsd & netbsd in
   other situations.  appears to be more cooperation/coordination
   happening; he says he likes it.  general applause.

q: freebsd guy here, in part to gauge the cooperation issue among the
   freebsd/netbsd camps.  lots of work done, lots of egos to step around
   (which of two implementations to choose, etc.).  user support is very
   much desired.

a: (PK) can't hurt to talk, at least keep interfaces uniform if we don't
   throw out duplicates.

q: port masters/core/etc stand up, please?
a: they're in the back:  cgd (alpha), ted lemon (pmax), jason thorpe
   (hp300), jtc, christos
a: other folks: tls, herb (apollo), RT (?), 

q: embedded system/small NetBSD?

q: 68hc11?  groan.

q: pa-risc?
a: someone was working on it, utah sources helped, didn't finish.  no
   current work.  contact <> if you want to volunteer

q: async i/o?
a: debate about best way: kernel threads, async i/o inside read/write
   (new kernel interfaces)?  in progress(?).

q: macintosh port?
a: runs pretty well (on older models, e.g. IIsi).  web pages have details.

q: alpha port status, NT emulation?
a: runs on lots of hardware, on cgd's desk, etc.  OSF/1 emulation
   doesn't work--needs serious changes (pmap layer, etc.) to support
   dynamic binaries.  NT emulation?  ROTFL.

q: ISA new world order?
a: "better" ISA, EISA, PCI code in the works (cgd's free time project).

adjourned at 19:47.