Subject: Fix for stat times for msdosfs and send-pr question
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: John C. Hayward <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/28/1996 20:15:51
Dear NetBSDers,
   When attempting to use rdist to keep a lab of NetBSD/Dos-Windows
machines clean I discovered a bug in the stat for times in the msdosfs
part of the kernel.  Apparently DOS keeps a second field which they only
use 5 bits so the store the number of 2 seconds (0-29) rather than 1
seconds which would require one more bit.  The msdosfs iostat fails
to multiply the number of 2 seconds by 2 to get the correct number of
seconds.  Times coming back from iostat could be off by as much as 29
seconds.   rdist checks exact times so it was doing a lot of unnecessary
    I though I should send a send-pr on this problem and fix.  It seems
that it is necessary to get a ID to give to the pr.  To do so one apparently
does a send-pr --request-id.  I have done so earlier this weekend but have 
not yet received a reply.
   Is the send-pr --request-id an automatic thing so something in mailing
got messed up on my end or is this a manual thing where I will have to wait
until someone sees my request and sends an id?
   I know from the list that sometimes there can be significant delay between
recording a PR and having the solution migrate into the sources but that
recently there has been a renewed effort to improve the situation.  What
is the time frame from submission to inclusion in source code which can
be expected if the fix is something simple like adding "* 2" to a line?

Thanks in advance for any pointers?