Subject: Re: ccd/fsck problem
To: Jukka Marin <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/27/1996 17:46:19
On Fri, 26 Jan 1996 21:50:21 +0200 (EET) 
 Jukka Marin <> wrote:

 > I wanted to join two disks as one.  I created e partitions on the disks
 > with everything else but the first cylinder of the disks.  The disks
 > are not identical, but I took this into account.  The joined disk is ccd0.
 > I then formatted /dev/ccd0d (do I have to create a partition table for
 > the ccd0 disk?  This is on i386 and I want to use the whole space as one
 > partition).

Should be ok...

 > Now I get
 > toor@news /a # ccdconfig -g
 > ccd0            32      0       /dev/sd0e /dev/sd1e
 > toor@news /a # fsck /dev/rccd0d
 > ** /dev/rccd0d
 > cannot alloc 4411394 bytes for lncntp
 > Maybe I should have created the partition table (disklabel) for the joined
 > disk?

No, a partition table is not necessar.  This ccd (on my CVS server at 
work) doesn't have a disklabel:

Filesystem  1024-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/ccd0d      1702701   571012  1046553    35%    /work

Note use of `d' because it's on an i386.

 > Another quick one: Does the swap partition _always_ have to be at least
 > twice the size of physical RAM?  The operator has created a 96 MB swap,
 > but the machine has 64 MB of phys. RAM and I'm wondering....

It's not necessary, but I tend to encourage 2-3 times physmem...

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