Subject: Re: AFS server port to NetBSD
To: John Maier <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/26/1996 00:10:51
>What is AFS, I'm not familiar with this acronym.

AFS stands for the "Andrew File System", originally developed at CMU.

AFS is a networking filesystem which can do lots of cool things, like
Kerberos authentication, automatic switching to backup fileservers,
ACL's, and client-side caching.  The downer is that it's rather expensive,
pretty big, and complicated to administrate.  It's mostly been popular only
at larger installations.

Incidently, a few people have asked me this question, so I thought I would
clear it up.  What I was talking about was the port of the already-existing
server code, not a completely new free implementation (doing _that_ would
take forever!).  If and when this port gets done, you'd need to have an AFS
source license to make use of it (and _that_ is assuming that it would be
possible to put the source diffs up on transarc's source-contrib area, which
I'm not really sure about).