Subject: Re: Recursive grep - no mas
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jeff Thieleke <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/24/1996 00:19:13
> >I think the answer here is: if you're not willing to learn the basic
> >UNIX tools (and find and xargs _are_ basic UNIX tools), why the hell
> >are you running UNIX?
> >
> >If you want a mac, go use a mac.  some of the advantages of UNIX
> >include:
> >	(1) ability to pipe data between programs easily,
> >	(2) simple tools that are easily used in pipelines, and
> >	(3) mostly-standard interfaces to standard tools.
> >
> >why screw with it?
> Hear hear!  This is some of the character that is at the very core of
> what makes UNIX beautiful.

I must have missed the original post...

No one is talking about disabling find, and especially no one is talking 
about turning NetBSD into a Mac clone (where did that come from?!?).  
What I _am_ talking about is adding a useful feature to one specific 
command.  The interface to grep wouldn't change, except for the addition 
of the recursive command line arguments.  rgrep is backwardly compatable 
with GNU grep - which isn't necessarily compatable with traditional 
versions of grep/egrep/fgrep.

Anyway, it is obvious that neither side is going to persude the other in 
this debate.  As I see it:

* Recursive grep adds a much needed function, at practically zero cost.
* The patch ready to integrate, and almost certainly works on all NetBSD 
* If you don't want to use the recursive features of rgrep, don't use them.
   But don't deny the majority of regular users of a useful feature.
* The majority of opinions against rgrep are based on "it's goes against 
   tradition" or "creeping featurism", and are not technically based.  
   rgrep works (well), and is useful.  That is what I am concerned with.    

I'm through discussing this.  I will have my grep patched, the patch will 
be archived in the current-users archive, I will make it available on the 
Web (, and I might 
even send-pr it.  If anyone wants to further discuss this, do it via 
private email.  Otherwise, I'll consider the matter suspended.

Jeff Thieleke