Subject: sendmail 8.7.3, perl 5, bind 4.9.3 glitches
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Danny Thomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/23/1996 08:11:06
since mrg is asking
>i've just upgraded our sendmail to the current version (8.7.3).  please
>let me know if you see any problems.

I missed something when I built 8.7.3 for my NetBSD 1.1 system and the
problem seems to be in the -current tree too. It's quite easy to overlook
because I don't think it's mentioned in the docs - I only found it because
of config problems with users resulting in nasty messages.

in savemail.c change _PATH_VARTMP to be "/var/tmp"
alternative is to define the symbol in Makefile

either that or the distribution should have /usr/tmp  8-)

Danny Thomas  (

wrt bind-4.9.3

on NetBSD-1.1/i386 building shres works fine, but statically linked
binaries such as ping seem to have a problem with 4.9.3, specifically that
domain names simply don't resolve. Has anyone else seen this or know what
the incompatibility is? Could be useful info for the bulk of NetBSD users
who don't want to track -current but want to follow vixie's recommendation
for 4.9.3 over all previous bind's - even Sun is going this way.

but specifically wrt integrating 4.9.3 in -current, I'd strongly recommend
some of the contrib dns checking tools be included and recommended in the
install docs. Experience shows that many dns zones are incorrectly
setup/delegated but work well enough that problems aren't noticed except
perhaps for flakiness. People really should be encouraged to run tools like
dnswalk & doc to validate their configuration (eg the recent queries). DOC
at least (originally written by the author of the DNS RFC's) is an awk
script whereas some of the others are perl based.

PS didn't get a response to this on port-i386 but it's worth getting fixed
in perl distribution, assuming it's a real problem.

>probably not really a port-i386 problem, but here goes.
>happens with both perl5.001 & 5.001m on a fresh install of NetBSD-1.1
>accepted all defaults during Configure of perl except NO to running
>scripts/binaries on multiple machines and YES to those cases it asked
>whether to use non-existant (at that time) lib directories.
>make test reports "all tests successful"
>did h2ph of /usr/include and sub-directories
>noticed problem as soon as one of my scripts used syslogging
>problem & fix can be duplicated with scripts in perl distribution:
>  from perl directory
>  eg/server &
>  in eg/client change IP address of $this to 127,0,0,1
>  eg/client complains
>    "can't assign requested address at eg/client line 16"
>  eg/client works after changing $pat to "n n...", ie byte-swap family
>before I turn to the perl newsgroup, where I haven't seen this
>mentioned, can anyone duplicate/refute this or shed some light - is it
>  something with NetBSD-1.1 ?
>  something with perl-5.001 ?
>  something I did wrong ?
>  known but fixed in perl-5002 or -current ?
>Danny Thomas  (
> PS machine/ also generates warnings about long/unsigned/char
>"may clash with future reserved word". At least when -w flag used
> per Larry's strong recommendation