Subject: Re: Autonice bugging my but!
To: matthew green <>
From: Phil Knaack <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/22/1996 12:47:06
>   >Someone mentioned setting the X server (or whatever) to a negative nice
>   >value.  Using xdm, you can do just that -- I renice mine to -15.

>   This is totally unnecessary.  The autonicer doesn't renice any
>   processes running as root.  Most people install their X servers setuid
>   root, by default, so this is not a problem (i. e. they'll never get
>   autoniced).

matthew green <> writes:

>who is 'most' ?  i've never run X as setuid root.

	I must have missed the original architecture type somewhere ..
is this on an i386 or no?

	If so ... 

 #define I386_SPECIFIC_ALERT

	'Most' is most of the people who install X from the XF86 install
tarballs (the tarballs install 'most' of the servers at mode 4755).

	I didn't think the XServers would *work* when not suid root; in fact,
a quick chmod on my machine reveals that XF86_S3 can't open a virtual console
w/o being suid.


	I assume this isn't i386 specific, because I'd hate to think that
some of these X functions could be performed by just any userid.

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