Subject: Adduser
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/22/1996 05:08:58
So after getting tired of friends of mine complaining about how
NetBSD is (his word:) "incomplete" because of missing commands,
notably adduser, I decided to write a C one.

Now, I don't have a copy of the 4.4BSD books. I *do* have a SunOS 4.1.1
machine running beside me, and I do have a SVID book that describes

I have used add_user on my Sun3. I don't like it's args, but I am not
sure if Sys5 user add would go over well.

Now, what is the exact spelling of the 4.4BSD user addition program, and
what are it's args? I would like my program to use those by default.

I am also planning on my program being hard-linked to the other names,
like useradd, to allow one program to support multiple argument styles,
because it's so easy. Or should I bother? It'd be kinda neat if a
sysadm could sit down at his NetBSD box and type the user add command
that comes off the top of his head (no matter what his background) and
have it work (within reason).

I also want my program to have a curses mode, to facilitate a SMIT-like
utility coming in the future (which I volunteer to write, so send me
ideas and stuff). I suggest instead of one big mammoth SMIT program,
we have a bunch of programs that have curses front ends that can
be brought up if wanted, then have a configurable menu program that
can call these programs. The menu system could be set up in
a config file, so the menus can be added to by the sysadm. The menu
calling the other programs should be visually seamless, to give the
impression of one program.

I'd like to see this happen, am I alone in this? I volunteer to write
the menu program, and the curses adduser program. I am already working
on the C adduser (send me the args please!), and hope to have it running
by this weekend when I demo NetBSD 1.1 to the Amiga Software Developer's

Ideas? Flames? What are the chances of at least adduser getting into
the tree? I'm a better programmer than some of my stupider moments
would suggest. 

I do have to say that AIX has alot going for it in the administration 

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