Subject: reboot hangs syncing disks
To: None <jaywon!!>
From: David Gilbert <pci!jaywon!>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/1996 22:35:20
	I have found lately that reboot hangs while syncing disks.
Sync itself does not hang when used.  The only mitigating point that I
can offer is that the Sun4/260 in question is running close to a full
news feed.  I have not yet trying rebooting it shortly after a reboot
to see if what it's running affects it.

	The machine is running a sup that succeeded just shortly
before 1.1 (by a day or two).  I have been afraid to upgrade since ---
since I need to carry forward a number of patches to keep going ---
but that technology should soon be ready.


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