Subject: Re: printcap, banners, and PostScript...
To: Mark W. Eichin <jaywon!!>
From: David Gilbert <pci!jaywon!>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/1996 12:25:41
>>>>> "Mark" == "Mark W Eichin" <> writes:

>>> magic sequence, but most Postscript interpreters _require_ this
>>> magic sequence.

Mark> Umm, *no* postscript interpreters that I know of require it;
Mark> dxpsview, ghostscript, pageview, HP laser printer, apple
Mark> laserwriter, dec laser printer, a couple of other postscript
Mark> laser printers, all treat the %!  as what it is: a comment,
Mark> which happens to have a ! after it. By market share, the HP
Mark> laser printers alone probably account for "most postscript
Mark> interpreters" all by themselves :-)

	Well... our laserjet 4 treats %! as special.  Before I wrote
some fancy filters, I had all kinds of files that wouldn't print ---
mosstly postscript from the net.  Now, that said, this is an option
for the printer, but we need this option on due to a number of dumb
PCs that want to print to it.

	It is also possible to 'force' the HP into one mode or other
--- which is what a set of well designed filters can do for you.


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