Subject: Re: usage of scsi adapters combination
To: CHAN Yiu Wah <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/1996 12:35:08
I ran a 2842 along with my 1542 for a few days while getting the 2842
to work under NetBSD.  I suspect there will be a little difficulty
finding where the bios for each card will go (unless PCI takes care of
that -- I know next to nothing about PCI) but they will work with each

However, the 294x series uses the ahc driver, not the 154x's aha
driver.  You will need to add that to your kernel.

Also, the ``ultra'' I don't think is supported as an ultra card (the
2940uw is ``ultra'' I think) and I don't know if it will work as a
plain old card.  FreeBSD's aic7xxx.c and sequencer code is different
than ours is -- I was going to compare them and experiment, but then
classes started.  :)

>As I am going to get the second aha adapter, I go to computer store to
>ask for the price of 2940 and 2940w.  The prices different is about 25%
>and I prefer 2940w to 2940.  I would like to know is netbsd support
>2940w or even 2940uw.  Can I use one of the 2940, 2940w or 2940uw with
>aha 1542cf ? Does anyone have the similar experience.  I would like you
>to share with me.  Thanks,


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