Subject: Re: PPP and flow control
To: Mike Long <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/20/1996 18:59:48
On Fri, 19 Jan 96, Mike Long <> wrote:

>I wrote:

>>I'm still having problems sending data over my PPP link.  I can
>>receive data or send *small* amounts of data without difficulty
>>(e.g. sup works); but any attempt to send a chunk of data over a
>>certain limit fails.  The only possible explanation I think likely is
>>that flow control is broken.  I am running an i386 -current system; my
>>PPP link runs on my 14.4kbps modem.

>Some more details:
>1) Yes, the crtscts bit is set on the tty. :-)
>2) It's not a PPP-specific problem because Kermit uploads under NetBSD
>   also fail.
>3) It is a NetBSD-specific problem because Kermit uploads under DOS
>   *do* work.

FYI, I don't know if this data point matters, but...

I'm having no problems.  However, I'm using a slightly modified
version of John M Vinopal's latest snapshot of the Hayes ESP driver
(which is just a slightly modified current com.c).  Everything is
working just peachy with this com.c, my Practical Peripherals 28.8K
V.34 modem, and my Hayes ESP.

Also, my Logitech serial mouse is still working fine on a 16550 port,
but the mouse, I believe, only sends bursts of three or four bytes at
a time.

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