Subject: Re: ccdconfig and newfs
To: CHAN Yiu Wah <>
From: Peter Galbavy <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/19/1996 10:00:20
> I recently config the ccd. However when I tried to newfs for the ccd0, I
> was report the size of the filesystem for one disk only (the size of my
> ccd0 is two identical disks). Can anyone teach me how to solve this
> problem. Thanks.

I had this problem, then I reread the ccd(4) manual page. In the
small print it says (ok - not so small - the third paragraph):

     Note that the `raw' partitions of the disks should not be combined.  Each
     component partition should be offset at least one cylinder from the be-
     ginning of the component disk.  This avoids potential conflicts between
     the compoent disk's disklabel and the ccd's disklabel.  The kernel will
     only allow component partitions of type FS_BSDFFS.

This means you probably have used the "first cylinder" of each disk and
newfs is seeing the raw disklabel of the first disk. The FFS file system
has a way of now trashing the disk label - maybe ccd should be changed
in a similar way. I am sure Jason thought about this at the time and there
must have been a good reason to not do this.

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