Subject: Re: NetBSD Usage (Looking for large sites)
To: Nate Sheeley <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/17/1996 22:35:14
>In the near future, my employers will be installing 10-20 Pentium class
>computers in local high schools running some type of free Unix system.
>Although I was able to convince them that NetBSD was a superior operating
>system, they have choosen Linux because of the larger user base.  In order to
>effectively argue against Linux, I need to find several [as many as 
>possible] machines running NetBSD with a large number of users (at least
>50).  If you are running such a system please email me with the details
>so I can drop a stack of email on my boss's desk. :^)

I'm not trying to undermine our efforts here, but you might also give
FreeBSD a shot.  They do cater more to the beginning user, in general,
than NetBSD does.  And, if the Usenet is any indication, they do have
a larger installed base.

I run NetBSD on my machine.  But I wouldn't have reservations
recommending FreeBSD to someone where it would fit their needs better.

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