Subject: Re: Autonice bugging my but!
To: matthew green <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/17/1996 12:51:00
>   	I think this may be why compiles on my pc532 have felt so
>   sluggish lately. A kernel compile does *not* take less than 10 minutes
>  does any _one_ command take > 10 minutes of cpu?  the most
>likely candidate would be the final link, but, i seriously doubt it.

Even if it did, who cares?  On an otherwise idle machine priority
shouldn't slow down a thing.  If other things are running as well,
they will fight for the CPU, of course.

I think we're hitting psych here.  :)  Machines with a constant load
of 1 _feel_ slower than those with 0.  The actual speeds may or may
not be different, but if you ask someone who has a lav of 1 and
they'll claim the computer is so slow because of it.


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