Subject: amd
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: John M Vinopal <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/17/1996 16:02:53
This is a followup to my original mail regarding amd.  Several people 
requested that I mail them a working amd configuration (but my power
flickered and those messages in mfs /tmp went byebye).

Direct links do not work without applying the patches that someone 
recently submitted.  Unfortunately, I know little about nfs and can't
comment on whether these patches are 'correct' or a 'rude hack'.  See
PR kern/1917 for more info.  

I'm still not positive how to set up some minutiae, such as only mounting
/usr/people/USER and not a global /usr/people, or mounting something like
/usr/people/USER/public_html without having an amd entry for every user.

All files are in /etc/amd:

/home   /etc/amd/home
/var/msgs /etc/amd/msgs -type:=direct
/var/mail /etc/amd/mail -type:=direct

/defaults type:=nfs;opts:=rw,soft,intr,grpid

local   \
        rfs:=/usr/local;rhost:=gabriella || \
        host==atrium;type:=link;fs:=/usr/local2 || \

people  \

/defaults type:=nfs;opts:=rw,soft,intr,grpid
var/mail        host!=atrium;rfs:=/var/mail;rhost:=atrium

'msgs' (as mail above)