Subject: Re: Autonice bugging my but!
To: matthew green <jaywon!!>
From: David Gilbert <pci!jaywon!>
List: current-users
Date: 01/16/1996 22:47:16
[ about the autonice 'feature' ]

>>>>> "matthew" == matthew green <> writes:

matthew> i agree.  i totally hate it.

[ kernel patch deleted ]

	Well... I can see where this is of some value to some people
running NetBSD in a heavily multiuser environment.  But on a Sun4/260
(and, I suspect even more on Sun3/hp300/Amiga/atari) it is pretty
trivial to rack up 10 minutes of CPU with X and/or emacs... and this
autonicing of X makes life unbearable on a machine that is 'a little'
busy (unbatching news or compiling).

	I am perfectly capable of running nice all by myself.  I am
even capable of running renice by myself.

	So... why don't we make this a kernel 'option' if there's
anyone who actually wants the feature.

option AUTORENICE=10 # (minutes)


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