Subject: Re: wheel? (was: wheel vs root (newby question?))
To: Shawn Pearce <jaywon!!>
From: David Gilbert <pci!jaywon!>
List: current-users
Date: 01/09/1996 16:23:28
>>>>> "Shawn" == Shawn Pearce <> writes:

Shawn> At 8:12 AM 1/9/96, David Leonard wrote:
>> Hmm this makes me wonder: what is the history of the name given to
>> gid 0?  Why `wheel' and not `privileged', `su' or something like
>> that.

Shawn> Well, both sound a lot dumber than wheel.  And my (very bad)
Shawn> guess is: the root of mankind (invention) started with the
Shawn> wheel.

	I rather suspect that since 'wheel' is the group of people who
can su to root, that they are thus administrators --- thus the group
wheel is the group that makes the machine go 'round.


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