Subject: Re: Updating to BIND 4.9.3, sendmail 8.7
To: Jonathan Stone <>
From: Jason Downs <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/05/1996 15:34:26
In message <199601051838.KAA22945@Pescadero.DSG.Stanford.EDU>,
	Jonathan Stone writes:
>Randy Terbush <> writes:
>>FYI - it's out of beta
>Bind 4.9.3 has been release for what, five days now. :)
>I don't know if the resolver's _res structure is compatible with the
>one in NetBSD shared libraries.  If not, then perhaps the libc version
>number should be stepped. (I'd like to see the resolver in a library
>of its own anyway, just in case Paul Vixie ever goes to 4.10.)

The way I've always done it when installing Bind 4.9.3 was to leave the
libc resolver alone and install the new shared resolver as version 2.0.

IMHO, the libc resolver should do all of the YP and such in addition to DNS,
and the shared resolver library should only do DNS...  That doesn't mean
the libc shouldn't be upgraded, though.

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