Subject: Re: Packages (Re: xntpd)
To: Jesus M. Gonzalez <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/04/1996 19:43:56
On Jan 4,  1:21pm, Jesus M. Gonzalez wrote:
> Subject: Re: Packages (Re: xntpd)
> >> /usr/local/mtools-2.0.7
> >> /usr/local/X11R6
> >> /usr/local/netpbm-1mar94
> >> /usr/local/top-3.3beta
> >> etc.
> >>
> >Hmmm, sorry for only dropping in now, the above structure is great for
> >humans, but what on earth is going to do to the poor shell that has to
> >parse the $PATH etc. to make the system work? What will the impact on
> >memory be, etc?
> >
> 	You can deal with it by using symlinks from /usr/local/bin,
> or with small scripts living in /usr/local/bin. Tha way humans and
> shell can live together happily ;-)
> >Or are we going some commercial o/s way and have a link farm to
> >- shudder.
> >
> 	Why don't you like that way (providing it's enough automatized).
> >IF however the above structure is just for BUILDING the packages for
> >installation - I hang my head in shame for not having the rest of the
> >thread and will promptly go and stand in the corner (alone, without so much
> >as a teletype) for an hour.
> 	Of course, for building pkgs that strucutre is also usefull.
> In fact, the directory of installation could (should?) be configurable
> by the user installing the pkg. That way, somebody could put everithing
> under /usr/local/mtools-2.0.7 (like Hubert), or under
> /usr/local/install/mtools-2.0.7 (like me) or directly under
> /usr/local (may be like you?). (So, maybe youcan go to the corner for
> just 15 minutes or something... ;-) )

I'd just *love* to be able to shift packages around just as i like, but
unfortunately, this won't work. As an example, gcc i think has the path to it's
spec-file and other things quite hard-compiled. :-(((

That's also the reason why i'd really like to settle on one dir *very very


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