Subject: Re: xntpd
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: 51482) < (Raymond A. Wiker>
List: current-users
Date: 01/03/1996 16:32:32
Hubert Feyrer writes:
 > > 	Suggestion: Since a lot (heh...) of software uses "install" to
 > > create directories and install files, it might be viable to extend the
 > > functionality of "install"... At a minimum, it should be trivial to
 > > make "install" create a list of what it does; this could then be
 > > processed to give packing lists and scripts for creating a package and
 > > uninstalling it.
 > To be sure to catch everythink you'd also have to patch ln, cp and maybe mv...
 > sounds like a quite gross hack to me. :(

	Why not ;-) a little extra baggage in the gnu versions would
surely not be noticed...

	Something simple, like an environment variable checked by
install, cp, ln, mv, tar, cpio, zip & unzip. My contribution will be
the name of the environment variable - but I'll have to think about it

	Seriously, my post was about extending install to assist in
generating packages - it's obvious that it is not possible to devise a
complete, automatic solution.

	Now, if you want a *really* gross hack, you could check the
contents of certain filesystems before and after make install, and
create a package accordingly. This makes my first suggestion look like
a model of simplicity and elegance ;-)